The Department of theology equips students with the knowledge and skills to articulate, systematize and defend the doctrines of the Christian faith. The Department offers courses in philosophy, theology, ethics, preaching, pastoral care and counseling with the following concerns:

  • To help students to develop the logical and critical ability and to expose them to the perennial theological issues in Christian faith with particular application to the African life
  • To help students to understand the historical doctrinal themes of the church with the Bible as the primary source of all theological formulations
  • To guide students in the making of moral choices that reflect the evangelical faith in view of the ethical demands of the ministerial call
  • To equip students to proclaim the gospel effectively through training in the theory and practice of biblical preaching
  • To involve students in the study of human life from theological and scientific perspectives with a view to developing care and counseling skills in pastoral ministry
  • To lead students in the integration of biblical, theological, historical and practical studies and evaluate same from the viewpoint of relevance to the African context and culture.
  • Currently, the department runs theological programmes at Degree, Diploma and Certificate level.
REV. Dr.  Jonathan Olusola Daniel

REV. Dr. Jonathan Olusola Daniel



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Religious Education Department was established to train men and women for educational ministries in local churches, schools and at denominational levels. It offers programmes at post-secondary and postgraduate levels.


  • To involve students in supervised experience in churches, schools, and denominational work
  • To examine current strategies for evangelizing and ministering to the total person in different groups
  • To train students to be able to apply the principles of Christian education in response to the needs of the congregation in the African church
  • To provide competency-based experiences needed for Religious Educators
  • To provide Christian education studies for persons in the churches who have given evidence of God’s leadership to serve through this specialized ministry in becoming Ministers of Education in local churches and teachers of Christian Religious Knowledge in Nigerian public schools
  • To introduce students to research methodology.
REV. Grace O. Afolabi

REV. Grace O. Afolabi