The College has relationship with Langham Partnership International (LPI), an organization established by John Stott, a renown/ biblical preacher with the purpose of equipping a new generation of Bible preachers and teachers. This is done through providing practical on-site support for pastors and lay-preachers, organizing training seminars, providing resources, and building a local movement committee to Bible exposition globally.

The first Langham Partnership Exposition Preaching seminar (Level One) was held in the college between for a week, with facilitators from regional and national headquarters. The seminar, which is a three-level course will continue in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Langham Preachers Club

An offshoot of Langham Preaching Seminar is the establishment of Langham preachers club. This aims at providing practical experience opportunity to students to consciously demonstrate and perfect art and act of preaching. Presently, the college has thirty-one (31) preacher clubs, comprising of student who meet regularly, once in a week, to preach from the assigned text in accordance with the prescribed pattern of Langham preaching Seminar. The exercise is subjected to periodic evaluation under the coordinator of a faculty member.