The Campus

College Clinic

In collaboration with a nearby Baptist Hospital, the college has available Health facilities for students and their families. Currently, the college has in its employment. One health worker who served the college. The health worker administers first aid and treats minor cases of illness or injury, and refers serious to the Baptist Hospital. The Health worker in charge is running day duty and also carry out programme of inoculation and preventives measures for student and their families, and also staffs benefit from it

The DSA.

The Director of Student Affairs is appointed by the Rector in consultation with the College Management.

He is expected to provide for the development of the total potential of the students from the time of admission until after graduation.

He is to participate in making and implementing decisions of the Board, Rector, management, and Faculty concerning student matters

He serves as a bridge, maintains regular communication between college Management and students.

He coordination’s with other appropriate person, matters of student discipline. The DSA is statutory the chairman of the College disciplinary committee

He serves in an advisory capacity to the Student Body, He offers other campus groups and/or organizations.

He is available to counsel students and to work with other officers in the college counseling unit. He is available to assist students in proffering solutions to personal concerns in the facts for emotional and spiritual health and vocational fulfillment.

The Open Bible Radio

Baptist College of Theology, Oyo in her giant stride to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as contained in her Vision Statement, has begun a radio programme called “The Open Bible” at Ajilete FM 92.1, Gambari, Ogbomoso on every Monday from 4:00pm-4:30pm, with Rector as the first speaker on Monday January 04, 2021.

2021 Themes for Radio Programme

  1. Christian Love in the Changing World.
  2. The Significance of Christ’s Ministry to the world.
  3. Christian Participation in Politics: Panacea to wrong governance.
  4. Music and Dance among Teenagers and Youth in Christian Context.
  5. Handling Discipline in the Biblical way at home.
  6. The place of modesty in dressing among Christians.
  7. Reviving congregational hymn singing in Christian Worship.
  8. Intensifying Discipleship for Church renewal.
  9. Responding to the Theory of “Once Saved, Saved forever” among Higher institution Campuses with Biblical Point of View.
  10. The Pros and Cons of Social Media among Christian Teenagers, Youth and the Church.
  11. Lesson and Significance of Easter Celebration.
  12. The Role of Christianity in National Security.
  13. Role of Christians in Nation Building.

Radio Presentation Roster (January- March)


Holy and Righteous Living

  1. Prof. Esther O. Ayandokun (08026232822) January 4
  2. Dr. S. F. Kehinde (08024148046)            January 11
  3. Dr. Elizabeth A. Bolaji (08035810678)            January 18
  4. Dr. Helen I. A. Oyekanmi (08068717377)       January 25


Christian Love in the Changing World

  1. Dr. Ruth Jesuleye (08031544298) February 1
  2. Dr. P. O. Ojebode (08053846154) February 8
  3. Pastor ’Yomi Salako (08051091109)                      February 15
  4. J. J. Olamoyegun (08026323539)                      February 22


The Significance of Christ’s Ministry to the World.

  1. Dr. John Oyelade (08033608639) March 1
  2. S. O. Dada (07038927374)                        March 8
  3. J. A. Salako (08159379582)                        March 15
  4. Mrs. G. O. Afolabi (08060150208) March 22
  5. Pastor O. A. Okunlola (08038599973)                      March 29


Lesson and Significance of Esther Celebration

  1. Ademola Ige   (08135767385)           April  5
  2. Dr. E. O. Ojo             (08038301788)            April  12
  3. Dr. G. O. Kehinde (08033576071)            April  19
  4. Dr. J. O. Daniel (08024096472)            April  26


Christian Family Affairs

  1. Iyiade Eyinade (07036884930)            May 3
  2. M. A. Oniosun (08037287120)            May 10
  3. Amos Oladeji             (08036440266)            May 17
  4. Dr. Femi Okunlola (08033704933)            May 24
  5. S. O. Oladele (07069627427)            May 31


Christian Participation in Politics

  1. Dr. Ezra Adeniji     (08034618121)         June 7
  2. S. O. Dada                (07038927374)         June 14
  3. H. S. Okunlade                 (08074001538)         June 21
  4. Pastor Dr. Olutoye Olasedidun (08037286108)        June 28



 July     Music in Christian Worship

  1. A.S. Babalola           (07039548300)           July 5
  2. Pastor S. A. Adeyemo         (08034154468)           July 12
  3. Dr. Femi Oyedokun (07062223836)          July 19
  4. Wale Ajayi /Rev. Femi Okunola                      July 26

(08037217369) / (08139029799)


Responding to the Theory of “Once Saved, Saved forever” among Higher institution Campuses with Biblical Point of View.

  1. G. A. Bankole (08035386187)             August 2
  2. Jeremiah Adisa (07064988536)             August 9
  3. Jeffery Salako (09030190581)             August 16
  4. Dr. Samuel Akanbi (08030655989)             August 23
  5. Dr. Elizabeth A. Bolaji (08035810678) August 30


ICT in Christian Context

  1. Prof. E. O. Ayandokun (08026232822) September 6
  2. Akinleye I. Femi (07066423322)             September 13
  3. A. S. Babalola (07039548300)             September 20
  4. Wale Adedokun (08062444583)             September 27


Christianity and Nation Building

  1. Dr. G. O. Olaniyan        (08036158175)     October 4
  2. J. A. Salako                       (09030190581)     October 11
  3. Dr. S. F. Kehinde  (08024148046)     October 18
  4. Dr. A. O. Olorode (08036984898)     October 25


Modesty in Christian Context

  1. Dr. E. A. Bolaji (08035810678)             November 1
  2. Pastor R. G. Olopade (07033278304)             November 8
  3. Dr. A. O. Adeyemo   (08061253869)            November 15
  4. Adesoji Ademola (08062605465)             November 22
  5. Dr. E. A. Salawu (08035142521)             November 29


The Message of Christmas

  1. Dr. B. A. Adegboyega  (07061943168)       December 6
  2. Dr. Helen I. A. Oyekanmi (08068717377)       December 13
  3. D.O. Afolabi       (08036730855)       December 20
  4. Dr. E. A. Adejuwon       (08059186745)       December 27

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Chapel Dedication


Dedication of Skill Aqcusition


School Promotional Video


Last Year’s Highlights


School Promotional Video


Last Year’s Highlights